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A "glissando" is a smooth slide between two pitches, typically performed on a string instrument, keyboard, or voice, adding expressive flair and blurring pitch distinctions to enhance musical passages.


In music, an "octet" is an ensemble of eight performers or parts, allowing for a rich sound and intricate interplay across various genres.

How to listen to jazz: Listening webs

If someone wants to excel at any activity, it is necessary for them to observe the greatest practitioners of the craft. This is especially true of jazz. By immersing themselves in the language of the music, young players can greatly expand their vocabulary and understanding of the style.

How to listen to jazz: Intro to deep listening

In this season of school closures and social distancing, many educators have been tasked with converting their classrooms into an online format. Listening assignments are incredibly valuable and easy to implement in our new educational landscape.

The road to launching Downbeat Academy

What was the result the last time you searched for something music education-related on the web? If you’re like me and my confidants, the results were...less than fruitful.