How To Listen To Jazz: Listening Webs

How to listen to jazz: Listening webs

If someone wants to excel at any activity, it is necessary for them to observe the greatest practitioners of the craft. This is especially true of jazz. By immersing themselves in the language of the music, young players can greatly expand their vocabulary and understanding of the style.

I Transcribed. Now What?

I transcribed. Now what?

If you’re like me, then there always seems to be a gap between the time you spend transcribing and your growth as an improviser.

How To Listen To Jazz - Intro To Deep Listening

How to listen to jazz: Intro to deep listening

In this season of school closures and social distancing, many educators have been tasked with converting their classrooms into an online format. Listening assignments are incredibly valuable and easy to implement in our new educational landscape.

How to shape your solos like Kurt Rosenwinkel

How to shape your solos like Kurt Rosenwinkel

"Chords" is from Kurt Rosenwinkel's album The Remedy recorded live at the Village Vanguard in New York City. This solo encompasses a variety of pentatonic scale applications paired with modal and melodic pairings over the form.